Up to 75% of those killed by Ebola in Liberia have been women, many of whom were mothers.

Feed the Children is very concerned about the alarming spread of the deadly Ebola virus and its effect on children and their parents.

In addition to leaving children orphaned, it’s also causing markets to close, making it much more difficult for moms to get food for their hungry children and to earn a living. Fear of the virus is preventing mothers from bringing their children to clinics for needed health services, making these children more vulnerable to other illnesses.

We are taking action to protect children and their families. We are working with trusted partners in Africa to take steps to stop the spread of the disease, to get more of those with Ebola into hospitals, and to help parents who live in high-risk countries to take action now to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Ebola is a serious concern for all of us, and we need funding to protect these mothers and children. As one of our generous and compassionate donors, please consider giving a gift of $50, $75, $100 or your most generous gift to help protect mothers and children.

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  • Curamericas Global (an NGO that has lowered child deaths by 63% in five years in Nimba County, one of the hardest hit in the Ebola epidemic)
  • Ganta United Methodist Hospital (largest in Nimba County)

For the next year, Feed the Children and its partners will work through a network of hundreds of trained “Care Group Volunteers” to promote practices that reduce transmission of the virus and improve child survival, including hand washing with soap, drinking purified water, and not handling sick or dead monkeys and other wild animals.

These volunteers will also help families to recognize symptoms of Ebola, reject rumors and false beliefs about Ebola, refer suspect cases, and coordinate with burial teams to avoid transmission of the virus.

We will also support Ganta United Methodist Hospital so that they can better care for the Ebola patients they are treating (based on the most urgent needs they identify).

Estimated costs to promote health and improve treatment through 1700 Care Group Volunteers and through Ganta UM Hospital for one year: $225,000.

Kenya is a high-risk country for the spread of Ebola because it receives more than 70 flights a week from West Africa. We are working in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum and one of the world’s largest, to reach at least 17,000 people (including 12,750 children below the age of 5). If Ebola enters Kenya, the overcrowding in Kibera will greatly increase the risk of spreading the virus. (In this slum, we often find 8 or more people crowding into shacks no larger than 12’ by 12’.)

We will set up the same network of Care Group Volunteers used in Liberia to teach families about Ebola and how to prevent its spread if it reaches their country. They will also teach families how to help their children survive and grow well.

The estimated cost to help 17,000 people take action to prevent the spread of Ebola in Kibera slum for one year: $138,000

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