to support education by donating school, home office, and office supplies to qualifying organizations. Available donations typically consist of surplus and recently renovated or discontinued products.

To partner with Feed the Children and Avery, please review our list of frequently asked questions:

Is my organization eligible to receive donations of Avery products?

Feed the Children gives Avery donations to organizations recognized as 501(c)(3) charities or to educational institutions. (See this IRS document in PDF format on applying for tax exempt status.)

Additional eligibility criteria and guidelines:

  • Fill out and return the Avery application and supporting documents to Feed the Children
  • Never charge for the goods Feed the Children and Avery provide
  • Provide secure storage (cannot be located in a private residence)
  • Provide a description of how individuals qualify to receive product and the methods you use to determine that recipients are in need
  • Give donated product only to individuals who are genuinely in need
  • Do not use product for fundraising, church dinners, distribution to the general congregation of a church, or distribution to the general public
  • Do not use product to attract interest in your organization or events (for example, handing out candy or chips with flyers to attend your church or using jewelry or cosmetics as prizes or in goody bags at fundraising events)
  • Give product regardless of recipients’ gender, race, or religious background

How long does the approval process take?

Feed the Children processes applications requesting Avery items promptly, and we make most determinations within 7-10 business days of receiving all needed documentation.

What is the process if my organization is approved?

If your organization meets all of the criteria and is approved to receive donations from Avery, we will notify the person listed as your primary contact. Email is our preferred method of notification.

The approval confirmation contains contact information for Feed the Children’s Consignment Coordinator overseeing the distribution of available Avery donations. The Coordinator will be able to tell you what items and amounts are available for your organization.

Please remember, the approval of your application does not guarantee donations will be available.

What types of items are available?

Avery provides various items from their inventory, many of which come from a stock surplus. The range of items available will vary, but they generally consist of office products, office supply products, and educational supplies.

Not all of the products Avery carries are available for donation. Your organization can request specific items, but their availability is based on the inventory at Feed the Children distribution centers. Since availability is based on the excess products Avery provides, specific items and/or colors are not guaranteed.

Are there any fees required to receive Avery donations?

Feed the Children provides all donations free of charge. Your organization is responsible for either picking up or covering shipping costs for the products you receive.

Meet all the guidelines? Apply to be a part of the program:

Fill out Avery application online.


Download the Avery application.